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      Non emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) refers to transportation by private or public vehicle for those who do not have another option for getting to their appointment. When seeking Non emergency medical transportation in Houston, be sure to contact your first choice Elite Town Car services for non-emergency medical transportation Houston as soon as possible before an appointment.

      Non-emergency medical transportation

      Elite Town Car Service provides non-emergency medical transport services in the Houston region, whether you or a loved one is attending a routine appointment or getting discharged from the hospital. You First Medical transportation service Houston is one of the most highly rated and customer-preferred non emergency medical transportation companies in the Greater Houston Area. Our drivers are First Aid qualified, and our non-emergency medical transportation vechicle are outfitted with all of the necessary equipment for safety and comfort. You may relax knowing that either you or your beloved one will show up on time and securely with our medical transportation services.

      Non emergency medical transportation
      Medical transportation service

      non emergency medical transportation and Ambulate transportation

      Our non-emergency medical transportation service in Houston covers all of your medical transportation needs on time. Do you need a one-way trip after a full procedure? Or do you just want to be examined and want a reliable service for getting to and from your appointment? No matter what type of service you are looking for, we offer a personalized and professional approach to non-emergency medical transportation service with medical transport companies that offers a convenient and comfortable solution for your next doctor’s visit. With added benefits and additional services like non-emergency medical transportation, Wheelchair accessible transportation, Transportation for outpatient surgery, Handicap transportation, medical, transportation service, Dialysis transportation and Transfer from wheelchair to car seat. Our offerings are flexible and can be tailored exactly as you desire or as your schedule dictates. Our business is complete. We are customer-focused and always strive to ensure that all our customers receive the service they have come to expect from us as their transport provider.

      Non emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

      You may relax knowing that your loved one is in good hands with our chauffeurs of medical transportation Houston. Elite Town Car Service drivers are highly trained professionals who have undergone stringent background checks and usually best. As part of our specialized training, our drivers collaborate closely with patients to guarantee safe medical transportation based on their medical circumstances. Elite Town Car Service team is in constant communication with our drivers to ensure the location of your loved one is known, as well as when they will arrive at their destination and return home. Our non emergency medical transportation differ from many other drivers in their empathy and competent attention. Our specialized care drivers from patient transportation service and medical transport service always help your loved ones with the luggage they need, hold the door and ensure their comfort before getting in or out of the vehicle, especially on the road.

      Non emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)
      Professional Medical Transportation Services

      Medical transport service near me

      Expertise with Performance, as a professional company that cares about its clients, we have made our exceptional medical transportation services available at the most competitive pricing on the market, with prices that are difficult to match by any of our competitors. You can rely on our nonemergency medical transportation service, for a clean and polite service with no hidden prices or fees. When we agree on a pricing quota, we shall stick to it and deliver the finest service we can in order to leave you pleased.

      Professional Medical Transportation Services

      All of our non-emergency medical transportation services are well-maintained and outfitted with cutting-edge technology to guarantee that your loved one arrives safely and on time. Our non-emergency medical transportation services in Houston provide you and your loved one with the most up-to-date luxury amenities, such as WIFI, for a fraction of the cost. Caring for yourself or a loved one should not be stressful, which is why we are here to assist you at every step of the journey with our patient transportation and medical transport companies.

      Medical Transportation Services

      Are you confined to a wheelchair?

      If you are wheelchair-bound, you will be able to ride in our wheelchair transport service without having to move to a seat in the non emergency medical transport van; this will assist to reduce several transfers, which is especially helpful for a customer who is already unsure or not feeling well in the first place. We understand the bulk of our client’s needs and address them tenderly and lovingly. To provide a seamless and safe non emergency medical transportation experience with also transferring from wheelchair to car seat, all of our drivers have been extensively trained to use wheelchair non emergency tying equipment. When you entrust in our Wheelchair transportation service, you can relax knowing that you’re in excellent hands.

      Wheelchair to car transfer lift

      At our wheelchair taxi, we proudly offer exclusive wheelchair-accessible transportation with the luxury and comfort in which you can easily transfer a wheelchair-bound patient to the vehicle using a wheelchair-to-car transfer lift which is purposely designed and built specifically for people with mobility challenges. We offer you on-time medical transportation.

      Wheelchair transport service near me
      Transportation for Dialysis patients

      Transportation for Dialysis patients

      Lack of transportation can be a serious barrier for people on in-center hemodialysis that’s why we are offering you our transportation service which helps you reach your destination on time. Our drivers will arrive at the patients’ homes or hospital facilities and help them in moving to the wheelchair and down to the car. Safety precautions are performed in the car until the patient arrives at the dialysis center. These actions are carried out upon their return from the dialysis center to their home or medical institution.


      Individuals are transported to health centers, care facilities, elderly care programs, hospitals, and/or other types of patient treatment centers. Best Deal provides competent and devoted drivers that appreciate the importance of getting our passengers to and from their appointments safely and on schedule. Whether that’s a regular doctor’s appointment or a patient heading to a rehabilitation facility, our Elite Town Car Service ensures that each client is treated with the utmost care. Simply put, it is our responsibility to assist, and we take it personally. We give so many transportation services like Wheelchair service for disabled and elders, Handicap transportation, Wheelchair accessible transportation, Medi transportation services, Wheelchair taxi, Medical van, Transportation for outpatient surgery, and Non-emergency medical transportation Texas, Will share transport service and Transfer from wheelchair to car seat.

      Rides for individuals and families

      We’re in this to help you if you need transport to the local supermarket or your beloved one requires help traveling to and from an appointment. Our experienced chauffeurs have got additional training to help customers with special needs and sensory impairment.

      Houston Area Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Hire

      Howdy, Houston! Elite Wheelchair is here to offer wheelchair transportation services to those who need them — for whatever they might need them for. Our wheelchair-accessible transportation is top of the line, and perfect for those with disabilities or who are temporarily bound to wheelchairs. We understand that wheelchair-friendly transportation options in Houston are relatively scarce despite significant demand. Add the fact that Houston is darn near impossible to get around in without motorized transportation and our purpose becomes pretty clear. You can’t just call an Uber, Lyft, or Yellow Cab to come to get you when you’re in a wheelchair. That’s an unfortunate truth of life at the moment — and that’s why we aim to make mobility more accessible. There are, of course, wheelchair-accessible taxis, but Elite Wheelchair is a step up from those for a few reasons. Most importantly, we’re well-trained in this field and specifically equipped for it. Those who rely on mobility devices have specific needs that we’re honored to meet, and that a taxi driver may not be prepared for. So, if you’re looking for Houston wheelchair-accessible transportation, look no further. We’re your go-to guys. Our entire job is to guarantee you an accessible, comfortable transportation experience. Continue on below to learn a bit more about us.

      Houston Area Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Hire
      Elite Wheelchair’s Mission

      Elite Wheelchair’s Mission

      Everyone deserves access to freedom of movement. We know that being in a wheelchair makes that more difficult, especially in a town like Houston, where cars dominate the city and infrastructure is built around and for cars. Even a simple task like a trip to the grocery store can be a significant challenge to people who use wheelchairs. Whether you’re in a wheelchair temporarily or permanently, we believe you should be able to go wherever you want whenever you want. It’s more than just a business for us — we’re proud to be able to help where we can. A person needs to be able to call the shots in their own life as much as possible. Being in a wheelchair in the past has meant a serious loss of freedom to the person in question. That’s a shame, and an often-overlooked problem in the way many cities are designed. We don’t want that to be the case anymore. Simply put, Elite Wheelchair is here to help those in wheelchairs get access to the freedom they deserve. Need to go to the doctor, airport, or other critical destination? You bet — but there are plenty of other important places in life. Want to go to the park? We’ve got you. Shopping? Sure thing. A birthday party? A ball game? Rodeo? Monster truck rally? You get the idea. You don’t need to be stuck at home simply because you’re in a wheelchair. That is — and should be — a thing of the past.

      Experienced Staff

      Elite Wheelchair’s courteous, compassionate, and well-trained staff are the backbone of our company. They’re experienced in working with those who rely on wheelchairs and will do everything possible to make your transit comfortable — from inside your door to your destination and back again. Of course, they’re reliable drivers as well and guarantee a smooth and safe ride to your destination. Best of all, in proper Texas fashion, they’re usually pretty darn friendly. That’s more than just a job qualification — it’s something we appreciate in people in general. Our drivers are also fully insured in every way possible, as is our company. We don’t want you to have to worry about anything — once you make the call and hire us, your part of the job is done. We do the rest and will make sure you enjoy your trip, even if it’s just a routine errand.

      Your comprehensive nonemergency medical transportation in Houston, give us a call today at 713.834.5320 to schedule your non-emergency medical transportation in Houston.

      Experienced Staff
      Access of all the Houston Area with Elite Wheelchair

      Access of all the Houston Area with Elite Wheelchair

      Saying the Houston area is big is like saying water is wet. Getting from point A to point B in Houston can be a challenge under any circumstances, especially in rush hour traffic. But you don’t need to worry about that — that’s our job. You’ll have access to the entire Houston area. We’re happy to take wheelchair passengers to anywhere their heart desires at any time of day. Elite Wheelchair covers the entire metro area, even all the way down to Galveston. So if you feel like you need a beach trip — and who doesn’t, after all — we’ve got you covered. Areas we serve in addition to Houston proper include:

      • The Woodlands
      • Katy
      • Sugarland
      • Friendswood
      • Clear Lake
      • Pearland
      • League City
      • Richmond
      • Spring
      • Humble
      • Kingwood
      • Stafford
      • Cypress
      • Missouri City
      • Fulshear
      • Galveston

      Of course, if where you need to go isn’t on that list, get in contact with us and we’ll work something out. We’re flexible and always happy to accommodate requests when we can.

      ASAP Wheelchair Transportation Service

      You can’t always plan ahead — no one can, after all. We understand just how important spontaneity and freedom can be, and recognize the reality of urgency as well. So, we offer ASAP wheelchair transportation service to the entire Houston area. Elite Wheelchair’s ASAP service is available for non-emergency medical transportation as well as general wheelchair transport. We know that social gatherings are just as important to a person’s well-being as doctor’s visits — and this same logic extends to any part of life, too. This service sets us apart from other wheelchair-accessible van services, many of which require you to plan your journey days or sometimes weeks in advance. Well, nuts to that. We want to be your go-to van plan when you’ve got somewhere to go. It’s simple: Contact us and we’ll come to get you. If one of our wheelchair-accessible vans is available, we’ll come your way immediately. Our trained staff is on call and ready to go — so you can go where you want when you want to.

      Top of the Line Equipment

      We take our equipment seriously. If you take care of your stuff, it takes care of you. Our vans are meticulously sanitized after each usage and all components are inspected. We like being healthy and you probably do too, so that’s why we pay attention to details like cleanliness. Getting you and your wheelchair in the van is a cinch — you don’t need to worry about a thing. That’s our end of the job. You’ll be very secure and safe during the ride as well since the vans we use are purpose-built for wheelchairs. We’ve got extra room for passengers if family or service animals need to come along too — just let us know ahead of time so we know what to expect.

      Just Contact Us

      Contacting us is easy. You can call us, book us online, request a free quote, or email us. Whatever way you prefer, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, if you need additional information or have questions about what accessible options we have, we’re more than happy to answer them.

      Frequently Asked Question

      Standard size for a wheelchair, is 28 inches and 21 inches from the ground

      A standard wheelchair is 28 inches, meant to go through 32 inches door,