Sprinter Van Rental

Even if you do not believe a van or SUV can demand the same degree of luxury, elegance, and dignity as a typical limo, you’d be amazed by what our vans have to provide. Even if you need to impress a few business visitors or just want to have a great relaxing evening with some pals in class, these sprinter vans and vehicles are up to the challenge.

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    12 seats van rental

    Our luxury Sprinter Van has capacity for 12 people and travels in class! Riding can be a lot of fun. Don’t simply arrive; run there in one of our newest 12 person van rental. Roll up in elegance in our 12 passenger van rental in Houston, riding comfortably. If you require a passenger van with two frontal seats and ten back bench seats with cushions, we can also provide you with one on demand. The vast cargo area behind the final seats, as well as the complete rise up inside headroom, is a significant feature that makes travelling with bags exciting and enjoyable. We have the most luxurious and spacious 12 seat Van rental on the commercial market. These thrilling inside 12 passenger van rentals are ideal for many sorts of touring groups, such as football clubs, Cub Scout units, and family gatherings, so don’t waste anymore time squeezing into a tight vehicle and jump into our 12 seater van rental!

    15 passenger Sprinter Van rental

    Our 15 passenger van rental Houston is great to access and spacious, with moulded passenger seats with personal cushions, plenty of cabin space, baggage space, and a huge TV and DVD player. Make an aesthetic and safety impact with this one-of-a-kind inside 15 passenger van rental. Our vehicles swivel on a minute and draw attention. When contrast to other less capacious passenger vans, these vehicles have excellent fuel savings. Invite the whole gang, including bags, sports equipment, motorcycles, animal pets, and yes, even the wash basin in our classy 15 seater van rental.


    14 passenger van rental

    Elite Town Car Service is pleased to introduce our newest addition, the 14-passenger van rental, which adds value and elegance to our collection. The inside comforts give our guests the impression that they are riding in the most luxury van rental on the road. We’ve also supplied this vehicle with an endless entertainment system, including a 32″ screen and an audio system player, to provide a more enjoyable driving dynamics. Rent Luxury Sprinter Van available in the industry to experience the ease and classiness of our Business Class.

    Cargo van rental Houston

    Need some room? We’ve got it! The inside of this van is 14 feet in length, 5 1/2 inches wide, and well over 6 feet tall! With seats for 2, this vehicle enables you to transport nearly everything by yourself without trusting anybody with your valuables. Passenger van rental in Houston is ideal for migrating away, transporting heavy equipment such as motorbikes or other items, and even sleeping in the backseat with an empty bed.


    Luxury Sprinter van for rent

    Luxury passenger vans are the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient option to securely and dependably move small numbers. The Sprinter Van service may easily seat between 8 and 15 people and is suitable for short-distance trips. We provide both chauffeured and non-chauffeured Sprinter rentals, allowing you to save cash. In most regions, no special registration certificate is necessary.

    Executive Sprinter Van rental

    The Executive Sprinter-Rentals van offers a magnificent smartphone office and conference room on the road. The TV, tablet® pods, and a quality audio system are designed to fulfil the needs of executive ways of life, making both performance and enjoyment a concern on the road. All of this will be enjoyed while sitting in plush fabric recliners. Both the front and rear walls divide the seven seats from the 2 upfront driver/passenger seats and the back baggage compartment, allowing for private discussions. Rent a luxury van available in the van market to experience the safety and elegance of our van rental Houston.


    Travel Anywhere with Grace and Confidence

    Whatever your travel needs are, Elite #1 Elite Town Car Service will get you there pleasantly and efficiently. Whatever your plans are, whether for a day or a vacation, you’ll have a dependable and classy limo van rental for the whole moment. Our professional and courteous drivers will take you anywhere you need to go. You can discover the finest answer for all of your mobility requirements with the widest range of additional and distinguishing features in each of the Sprinters for rent.

    Safety Precautions For All

    We have adopted additional COVID-19 safety procedures, including cleaning vans between journeys, to further safeguard our clients and bus operators.


    Making a difference? Not an issue

    Customers of Elite Town Car Service enjoy a reasonable modification and cancellation policy, which includes no-fee modifications and cancellations for the majority of excursions.


    We are ready for you 24/7

    Our honours bus specialists can provide customised services for you and your group, and our support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.